Benedicte was born in France and adopted when she was just 13 months old, she knew she had a gift since she was born and at a younger age she always knew she was different from others .She knew there was someone behind her in spirit guiding her all the time to do the right thing.
Benedicte always found it hard to socialise with other friends because they could not understand her. some years went by and Benedicte struggled in France and had nowhere to stay, she met an English man at the age of 19 and went to England to meet his family, although her life was uncertain at that time she felt guided. She travelled over night on the cross channel the ferry with only a suitcase and an English dictionary. Benedicte was only supposed to stay there for a week but his mother knew that she had nowhere to stay in France so she invited her to stay with them.
From this day this lady has always been there for her like a mother. Benedicte had to learn English which was fun and after 6 months of intense studying, she could at last have a proper conversation with the guests at a very old hotel, where she was employed and lived in due to the distance from her adopted English family.
A month after starting her job there Benedicte could hear some noises coming from the bedroom and the light switch would move on and off and she could feel someone blowing in her ear and heard whispering. She had never had this experience before and felt scared, the next day she felt very tired at work as this spirit was taking her energy.
When Benedicte told her friend, she took her to see a medium and he knew straight away the spirit who was in the bedroom was only trying to tell her that Benedcite had a gift as well, and she could do the same as the medium and he told her to start practicing by holding objects from others( it is called psychometry).
Wow what an experience, she was really surprising herself by reading to her colleagues in the hotel. Then she bought her first tarot cards and a pendulum.The same deck tarot card is still with benedicte until now
Benedicte was always intrigued by clairvoyance, mediums and the tools that they used but never knew she could do the same. Every day after work she was looking at the images of the cards and learnt very quickly, she did not need to refer to the book that came with her cards because she found she could understand their meanings just by holding them one by one.
Only a couple of weeks later she was giving readings to others but also knew she had a main spirit guide named “Flying Hawk” (Native American)and 2 other guide working with her . From that time she carried on and has been able to develope her special gift by giving readings to friends and family and also started working professionally with ‘Psychic Today’ Sky channel 886 since 2011 and been seen on tv ,Benedicte is also a member of MIND ,BODY & SPIRIT , the UK’s longest running holistic festival on the 24 ,25,26 of May 2013 ar Earl’s Court . Also Benedicte is a worldwide psychic clairvoyant and Empath reader she is now known as our french goddess giving reading to different country America ,canada , France . Her accuracy is very impressive and being tested all the time , she will end the reading leaving you uplifted with positivity and visualisation tactic .


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