About me

  • I am a worldwide 4th generation Psychic Clairvoyant Empath and Medium

  • I have over 23 years experience and I am currently working on Psychic Today, Channel 886 on Sky and UK Freeview.

  • In my readings I work  hands free and with tools. I use a range of cards including Mystic and Angel cards, I also use a crystal ball and pendulum.I can read from a photograph from your loved ones. I can also do a full reading hands free if this is what the client wants.

  • In my reading I will also give you some positive affirmations and visualisation techniques that will help you to bring your desires into reality.

  • I can do all styles of readings in French or English.

    Benedicte, originally from France, is a 4th generation psychic clairvoyant and medium, she has known about her gift since very early childhood and has been reading since she was 19 years old. , She can give you a positive reading in French and English with 23 years of experience . Benedicte uses Pendulum, Crystal Ball and various Cards during her readings, as well as her freehand gifts. She specialises in love and relationships but can look at every aspect of your life. She is very friendly, warm, honest and will make you feel at ease in her accurate reading. She will also look at all aspects of your life and advise you accordingly. Let her guide you and give the clarity needed in your life!


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